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Please click on images for an enlarged version of our shaker furniture.

Shaker Wardrobe
Shaker Bedside Cabinet
Shaker Bedside Table
Shaker Watervliet Table
Watervliet Table
Tape Back Armchair
Mount Lebanon Settee
Slat Back Rocker
Low Back Chair
Straight Chair
Weavers Chair
Elders Chair
Tape Back Rocker
Armless Rocker
Tape Back Armchair
No 5 Slat Back Rocker
Utility Stool
Foot Stool
Lebanon Bench
Slat Back Side Chair
Slat Back Arm Chair
Shaker Four Poster Bed
Shaker Four Poster Bed Frame
Shaker Four Poster Bed - With Duvet
The Slat Back Bed
Candle Stand Table
Short Post Bed
The Short Post Bed - Side View
The Second Family Candle Stand Table
The Hanging Shelf
The Hanging Chalk Board
The Pegrail
The Pegrail Side View
Shaker Blanket Box
The Pegrail In Situ
The Blanket Box Closed
The Hanging Mirror
The Pegrail Shelf
The Hanging Mirror
The Hanging Mirror
The Pegrail with Hanging Mirror in Situ
The Spindle Back Bed
The Spindle Back Bed with Duvet
Shaker Beds
Shaker Dining Table
Shaker Tables
Shaker Bespoke Tables
Shaker Bespoke Dining Table
Shaker Chairs
Dinner Table
Shaker Step Stool
Shaker Bedside Cabinet
Shaker Slat Back Bed
The Four Post Bed
Shaker Dressing Table Mirror
Shaker Desk
The Slat Back Bed
The Slat Back Bed
Shaker Rocking Chairs
Shaker Headboard Heart Cutout
Bespoke Rocking Chairs
Shaker Wood
Watervliet Table
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