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Shaker Boxes

Our Shaker oval boxes are made in America and are reproductions of the original forms and templates used at the Mt. Lebanon, New York Shaker community during the mid-19th century. Like the Shakers, the oval boxes are produced in eleven different sizes and the original Shaker numbering system is used (No. 11 being the smallest box and No. 1 being the largest box). Also like the Shakers, these oval boxes feature uniformly slender sides, symmetrical joints, and neat, tight-fitting lids.

They are handcrafted with select Pennsylvanian cherry, secured by copper tacks. Tops and bottoms are fastened with wooden pegs. They are hand rubbed with several coats of oil finish and are buffed until they "glow". The Shakers used oval boxes for sewing and storing goods. Today, their uses are unlimited.

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